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Minimising damage to the environment

Sustainability is not just about waste management and maximizing of recycling opportunities, it is also about minimizing the damage we cause to the environment. It is about adopting a culture that encourages every person to give primary consideration to the environment in every area of your business.

Spectrum vehicles are chosen with emission in mind. Only the most efficient models are selected for our fleet and we further enhance the efficiency through planned and regular servicing and replacement.

Whenever possible, we use local labour and local suppliers, thus contributing to the local economy where your event is taking place, and minimizing harmful carbon emissions caused by travel and transportation of goods.

We adopt a similar approach to the equipment we use. Cleaning equipment is selected for its efficiency, and whenever possible it is repaired rather than replaced.

We also pay close attention to the materials we use. As a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), Spectrum is able to access information on the ethical stance of all of our suppliers. And, we pay particularly close attention to the materials we use to ensure they have the minimum possible environmental impact.

Our approach to the environment is not simply a statement in our promotional material; sustainability is an issue we take very seriously and it is at the core of every business decision we take.

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