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We love the cut and thrust of fast-paced sports, it requires a very special set of skills.

tennis-sportpageTennis is becoming one of the most popular spectator sports; Andy Murray’s success in recent years has seen a whole new set of people wishing to see the greatest players battle it out on court.

Invariably, this involves temporary overlay situations where venues are transformed into tennis arenas for short periods. These temporary facilities create specific demands; contractors will work to extremely tight deadlines, leaving minimum time to complete final preparations and cleaning before competition begins.

Careful planning, and flexibility are key to the success of these events. Our highly trained workforce must be available to move in as soon as the construction phase is complete in order to prepare it for competitors, spectators and officials.

Public catering and hospitality areas also have to be ready for use at the same time, so we provide adequate trained staff to ensure the careful planning is implemented in a timely fashion.

The Champions of Tennis was a classic example of a total temporary overlay where the whole event was purpose built to receive some of the greatest names who have ever played the game. Spectrum Events was delighted to be part of such high profile event. We provided all pre, during, and post tournament cleaning for the Champions of Tennis event in Edinburgh.

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