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Thousands of competitors, and thousands of spectators along an extended route can create challenges.

roadrunningcycling-sportpage Road races, whether on foot or two wheels, present some interesting challenges. You must consider the needs of the competitors who are focussed on a goal and have little time to think about the disposal of their waste. However, it must be cleared quickly and effectively to avoid disruption to other competitors.

Secondly, the spectators who are invariably spread along the route, all of them consuming food and drinks and creating potential waste which requires proper and safe disposal.

Moreover, you will have official checkpoints, official’s quarters, service areas, hospitality and VIP areas, changing facilities, public catering, volunteer’s catering, and possibly TV and technical areas. There will be a wide variety of areas, all requiring simultaneous attention.

The main challenge with road races, fun runs, and charity walks is the ability to cover large areas with enough trained personnel to prepare the route, and to keep it free of waste throughout the event. This is where experience and careful planning makes the difference and avoids unwanted incidents where stray litter causes problems.

Spectrum has provided cleaning and waste management services a some of the biggest road races in the country with many thousands of competitors. Our experience with these events is usually invaluable in helping organisers plan and implement a clean and incident free event.

Anthony Grogan,
Kiltwalk Events Manager discusses the services we provide on Vimeo from fatBuzz

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Road Running/Cycling

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