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Fast moving, multi-discipline sports, with large crowds for long days – that’s a challenge we love.

athletics-sportpage Athletics events throw up very particular challenges; lots of events happening in close succession, usually spread across many hours of the day. Very often there will be more than one spectator session and each time new spectators arrive the rightly expect a clean and safe environment.

In order to keep sporting arenas and the associated training areas clean and free of waste for long days, it is essential to carefully plan when cleaning operations can take place, how many teams are required, and how they are deployed.

We have a proven ability to perform at the very highest level of athletics; during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, we successfully provided cleaning and waste management services at the main athletics venue at Hampden Park, and at four other sports venues: Celtic Park, Ibrox Park, Scostoun Stadium, and Kelvingrove Park. Moreover, we also provide similar services at the extremely busy Uniform and Accreditation Centre.

We understand the dynamics of athletics meetings, we know what is required and how to respond to the fast moving pace of such events.

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