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Spectrum to provide services for top concerts in Glasgow this Summer

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Spectrum has provided concert cleaning and waste management services for many years, and worked alongside music promoters and venues to provide clean and enjoyable environments for music lovers all over Scotland. This summer, we are looking forward to working on large-scale music events, at various concerts held at Hampden Park in Glasgow.

We’ve been working with Hampden Park for over 10 years, providing a full range of cleaning and waste management services for sporting and music events including the recent Scottish Cup Final and the 2014 Commonwealth Games to name just a couple. This time our events team will be working at the upcoming Ed Sheeran and Beyonce & Jay Z concerts, both extremely popular events and set to be highlights of the Summer.

Every event is different in its own way, and the position of the stage, the proximity of the audience, the food, drinks and merchandising areas all need considered when planning our services. Cleaning and waste management is an important part of any music event to ensure the venue is safe and clean for the fans to enjoy. We have always worked very closely at the planning stage to provide valuable advice to ensure the best possible cleaning and waste management provisions are in place.

As with all large-scale events, rigorous planning and organisation is necessary. In the case of the Ed Sheeran concert, this is imperative as we will be servicing the venue over all three dates – 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June. Three evenings of consecutive events in one venue can pose a number of unique challenges, but the Spectrum team are well equipped to deal with them. Not only will our team have to co-operate with the requirements of third parties who need access to the venue each night, but may also have to work through the night to have the venue ready for another crowd of fans to enjoy the following evening. Clean-up is often a priority at these events as it is vital to plan what access everyone involved needs to ensure break down crews and their vehicles can get access as quickly as possible. Similarly, the Beyonce and Jay Z concert on 9th June at Hampden will be another all-hands-on-deck event for our team.

Our events team look forward to working at the upcoming Summer concerts. The vibrant and lively atmosphere at Hampden always offers a fun environment to work in!

Hear what Brian Muir, Safety and Operations Manager at Hampden Park, has to say about the services Spectrum has provided to the venue in the past.

Posted 19th December, 2019 Featured

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