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Minimizing any negative human impact by implementing sound sustainability policies.

Sustainability must always be a primary consideration when planning any event. Spectrum Event Services can advise you on all of the issues and provide sustainable solutions that will strive to create a positive legacy following your event.

We work to minimise carbon emissions resulting from all of our business activities, working with our customers to help them to select the most energy and resource efficient systems to be delivered through our contract delivery for them.

In terms of waste, we implement stringent waste segregation systems in accordance with Waste Scotland Regulations 2012 to ensure the maximum amount of waste can be recycled or sent for ethical disposal. We also explore all options for waste reduction and we will repair and re-use equipment whenever possible.

In our provision of labour, we consider diversity and inclusion, and we source labour via local third sector providers with a focus on the provision of long-term sustainable employment opportunities by providing high quality training.

As a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), Spectrum is able to access information on the ethical stance of all of our suppliers. And, we pay particularly close attention to the materials we use to ensure they have the minimum possible environmental impact.

With vehicles and transportation, we ensure all of our vehicles deliver the lowest possible emissions, and we encourage our suppliers to adopt a similar approach. To further reduce the impact caused by transportation, we will use local suppliers whenever possible.

There are many aspects to ‘Sustainability’ and we are committed to the principles in every part of our business. From the management of waste to the use of ethical products, and from recycling to creating opportunities for disabled people, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

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Every event is unique, and the requirements are varied and extensive – we have the expertise and flexibility to provide whatever is requires whenever it is required.