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Expertise, experience, and meticulous planning are the essential ingredients to a successful event.

projectGood project management does not come from text books, it comes from experience and expertise coupled with detailed and meticulous planning. Knowing what has to be done, when it has to be done, and who is going to do it is important. However, project management is about ensuring everything is done in the right order, and on time.

Good project management is also about ensuring everything has been considered and nothing has overlooked, it’s about ensuring everyone knows their responsibilities and what’s expected of them, it’s about being prepared for the unexpected, and it’s about deploying contingency plans, when required, quickly and effectively.

Spectrum Events Services has worked for major global events like the Olympic Games 2012, and the Ryder Cup matches at Gleneagles 2014 where proper project management help us deliver beyond expectations. And, successfully delivering cleaning and waste management service for six different venues at the Commonwealth Games 2014 would not have been possible without exhaustive planning and expert implementation.

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We appreciate that a clean environment is paramount to the success of your event.

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Waste Management

We are committed to the environment, and the proper and safe disposal of waste.

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Car Parks

We know that good access to and from your event is essential if your visitors are to leave with a good impression.

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Safety & Stewarding

We are committed to the need for safe and well managed environments.

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It’s the finishing touches, both inside and out that make the difference.

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Project Management

We know that excellent and meticulous planning is the critical ingredient to all successful events.

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Seat Replacement

We know that last minute maintenance is an everyday occurrence.

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We are fully accredited in all aspects of sustainability, however it is our commitment to the environment, rather than legal requirements, that drives us.

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Every event is unique, and the requirements are varied and extensive – we have the expertise and flexibility to provide whatever is requires whenever it is required.