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First impressions plant a seed in the minds of your guests.

Experience has taught us that it’s attention to detail and the little touches that often make the greatest difference. One of those areas is very definitely the planting, floral arrangements, fencing, and paving. First impressions do matter, and it is invariably the way your facilities are presented that forms that vital opinion.

Good internal and external planting and landscaping will help to form a good impression and get your event off to a good start. This applies to both external and internal areas at your event, particularly in the corporate hospitality and VIP areas.

Spectrum Event Service can help plan and provide all that you need to ensure your attendees enjoy the surroundings and feel comfortable in their temporary environment. We will also provide maintenance of these areas during the event to ensure they are always clean and well presented for your guests.

Other Services

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We appreciate that a clean environment is paramount to the success of your event.

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Waste Management

We are committed to the environment, and the proper and safe disposal of waste.

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Car Parks

We know that good access to and from your event is essential if your visitors are to leave with a good impression.

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Safety & Stewarding

We are committed to the need for safe and well managed environments.

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It’s the finishing touches, both inside and out that make the difference.

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Project Management

We know that excellent and meticulous planning is the critical ingredient to all successful events.

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Seat Replacement

We know that last minute maintenance is an everyday occurrence.

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We are fully accredited in all aspects of sustainability, however it is our commitment to the environment, rather than legal requirements, that drives us.

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Additional Services

Every event is unique, and the requirements are varied and extensive – we have the expertise and flexibility to provide whatever is requires whenever it is required.