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Planning is key so successful events in temporary locations

By their very nature, Game Fairs traditionally take place in unusual venues; countryside locations with no regular facilities or infrastructure. The need to provide everything from scratch presents very particular challenges, and requires very special planning.

Knowing what is required and when it needs to be in place is critical to the smooth running of such events. There are many stakeholders to consider, from stand holders and exhibitors to competitors and judges, and from members of the public to officials and even livestock, all need to be given careful consideration.

We need to consider car parking, public access, competitor access, public catering provisions and toilet facilities, All of these areas require cleaning and waste management provisions. Moreover, it’s not just during the period of the Game Fair, we need to plan for the provision of services during the build-up and break-down periods.

Any event in a temporary location, especially in the open-air, requires the meticulous planning that Spectrum apply to all projects – planning which is based on our expertise and experience.

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