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Music fans demand clean and tidy environments - day and night

festivals-musicpageFestivals take place over an extended period, with lots of activity throughout the days and nights.

Spectrum has provided cleaning and waste management services at short weekend-long festivals and at longer festivals like BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals that continue for a month or more.

Cleaning and managing waste at festivals means long days and multiple shifts. With events happening in different areas throughout the day and evening, there is a requirement to provide ongoing cleaning and removal of waste.

We provide our services in all of the public areas, making sure the audience’s experience of the event is as comfortable as it can be, however, there are many other areas where we need to maintain a clean, tidy, and safe environment. VIP areas, public catering, hospitality suites, kitchens, staff areas, technical areas etc are all important in ensure the show goes on.

Our experience proves invaluable to festival organisers and promoters. We know what is required and where the potential problems will occur. Our expertise and advice can avoid unwanted situations that will adversely affect the enjoyment of the festival audience.

We like to be involved at the planning stage, where we can influence decisions that will make the event as environmentally friendly as it possibly can be. Sustainability is one of our highest priorities, and we can help organisers to provide events that meet people’s expectations both on stage, and behind the scenes.

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We always aim to keep concerts clean, safe and enjoyable.