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music-homeSpectrum has provided concert cleaning and waste management services for many years, and worked alongside many music promoters to provide clean and enjoyable environments for music lovers.

Every act is different, the position of the stage, the proximity of the audience, the food, drinks and merchandising areas all change from concert to concert. There is no set formula or blueprint. Every event requires bespoke planning to make sure the promoter and entertainers are able to run the concert the way they know the fans will appreciate.

Spectrum work very closely at the planning stage to provide valuable advice based on their experience of the venues to ensure the best possible cleaning and waste management provisions are in place.

One aspect that must not be overlooked is the priority of the clean-up. Many of these acts are due in another city the day after the concert, we need to plan what access they need and ensure their break-down crews, and their vehicles, can get access as quickly as possible. It’s just one of the considerations that impact the staffing requirements, before, during and after the concert.

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We always aim to keep concerts clean, safe and enjoyable.