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stadium-musicpageStadium events by their very nature involve some of the biggest names in entertainment; Jon Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Take That, and Robbie Williams are just some of the names playing stadium gigs where Spectrum has been on duty.

We are fortunate enough to see some of the biggest productions in the world during the build-up period in readiness for the event. However, we are not interested onlookers, we are also busy preparing the stadium and ensuring everything is in place before the crowds arrive.

Concert fans create lots of waste. Unlike sporting occasions, the spectators are much more free to move around, particularly on the pitch. Similarly, they tend to be in the venue much longer, so the challenges of stadium concerts are entirely different from stadium sporting events.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is the turnaround before the next concert. Stadium concerts will run on two, three, four, or more nights, this means we have less than 24 hours to clean up after 60,000+ people and be ready to do it all again.

Experience and careful planning are essential; having adequate trained staff in the right places is paramount to meeting the challenge. And, having the flexibility to respond to additional demands in any area of the stadium is essential to the overall enjoyment of the audience, and ultimately the success of the event.

Brian Muir,
Safety and Operations Manager at Hampden Park discusses the services on Vimeo from fatBuzz.

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